146 Willow Street Making Headlines

12:08 PM

146 Willow Street in Brooklyn Heights shrouded in scaffolding.

As we mentioned back in September, ADoF is proud to have acted as the Structural Engineer of Record for 146 Willow Street.  New York Times recently featured an article by Ginia Bellafante, one of the new townhouse's neighbors, voicing her concerns of converting an 11-unit apartment building into a single-family mansion.  

  • For the past two years or so, my daily comings and goings have taken me past a building on my Brooklyn Heights block ripped down to the studs by a developer with the ambition of returning it to the market as a five-story brownstone for $18 million. Renovations are ubiquitous in Brooklyn — home improvement is as distinguishing an element here as surgically taut faces are on Park Avenue — but this project possessed a team of workmen so big it seemed as though a regional airport were under construction. Greeting the foreman, an Irishman with intense eyes who appeared to have landed in the world of HVAC from the world of James Joyce, became such an integral part of my morning habit that I would worry about him on the days he wasn’t out front, poring over blueprints on the hood of his car.

Interesting to see the varying perspectives of the readers, both in agreement and disagreement with the writer.


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